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Hospital Job Searches knows that it can take up to $15,000 to hire certain Registered Nurses, not including Sign-On bonuses and moving allowances. It can take $10,000 for Physical and Occupational Therapists. We also know that Staffing Agencies will ask for the $10K-$15K up front to search for those positions with NO GUARANTEE that they will fill the position.

Imagine a website that took all the positions you had available on your hospital website, and made it easy for those job seekers to find you at a fraction of the cost!!

Welcome to Hospital Job Searches!

How It Works

Potential employees will be able to search for your hospital by name, location, or a radius search from where they are. They will click on your hospital name and immediately be taken to your hospital’s employment page. This will allow them immediate access to every position you have posted. This includes all medical and non-medical positions whether they are permanent, temporary, or PRN positions.

Studies have shown that employees will prefer to stay in a similar environment when they move or change jobs. For example, medical employees prefer to work in hospitals if that’s the setting that they have worked in the past. Non-medical employees work the same way – if they have worked maintenance, food-service, or housekeeping in a hospital, they will search out a hospital for their next job as well.

What We Do

We will post the Employment link from your hospital website, making it easy for job seekers to go directly to the job that they are looking for. Your post will also be included on our search option, allowing job-seekers to look for jobs at your facility by location, radius, or hospital name. We will list your post within 3 days, and will stay on the website for a year.

We also will be direct emailing over 400,000 job seekers (who are looking at hospital or medical based positions) each month with invitations to check out the jobs on our website. We are adding emails of current job seekers every day to keep the most current list of potential employees.

So, Let’s Get Started……..

You can contact us directly at 817-962-7600 or email our team at adixon@hospitaljobsearches.com.  Or you can fill out the form to the right and have your hospital listed for $25.00 month (billed annually at $300.00).  Your hospital link will be on the website within 3 business days and contract will start on the 1st of the next month for one year. Let us know if you would like to be invoiced, or feel free to pay via a secure credit card transaction. It’s really that simple.

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